Isotope Filter Shortcodes

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Code to add a filter system to your elements inside the grids, remember to use the parameter filter=”” inside the grids

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	[grid grid="12" class="gridoptions"]
			[filter number="8" name="ALL" position="first"]
			[filter filter="filterone" name="Filter One"]
			[filter filter="filtertwo" name="Filter Two"]
			[filter filter="filterthree" name="Filter Three"]

		[grid grid="4" filter="filterone"]...your content...[/grid]
		[grid grid="4" filter="filtertwo"]...your content...[/grid]
		[grid grid="4" filter="filterthree"]...your content...[/grid]


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Parameters of the shortcodes [filter]

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Parameters Description
[filter filter=”” the id that yo have to insert in the filter=”” parameter of grid too
[filter name=”” the name that is shown on the button
[filter position=”” position=”first”, remember to insert this parameter in the first filter (Show All)
[filter number=”” Parameter used in the first filter to show the number

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