Image Gallery Shortcodes

[titleborder title=”IMAGE GALLERY” color=”blue”][divider height=”20″][imggallery color=”blue” caption=”Lorem Ipsum” img=””]
[divider height=”40″]


[divider height=”20″]

[imggallery color="blue" galleryid="1" img="" caption="Lorem Ipsum"]

[divider height=”40″]

Parameters of the shortcodes

[divider height=”20″]

Parameters Description
[imggallery img=”” insert the url of your image
[imggallery color=”” use the lovetravel color class (red, yellow, orange, blue, green, violet)
[imggallery galleryid=”” use this parameter to create multiple galleries on the same page (use a number)
[imggallery caption=”” Insert some text for photo description

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