Grid Shortcodes

[titleborder title=”GRID” color=”blue”][divider height=”20″]

Every shortcodes must be inserted inside the “grid” shortcode that defines the size.

[divider height=”20″]

[grid grid="12"]
	...your content...

[divider height=”40″]

Parameters of the shortcodes

[divider height=”20″]

Parameters Description
[grid grid=”” insert the number of your grid system (1 to 12), this shortocode define the size of the inside content, see the page grid system columns to understand the functioning
[grid class=”” use this parameter to use your custom class on the grid, i use this parameter in the masonry shortcode
[grid filter=”” use this parameter for the isotope filter shortcode
[grid color=”” use the lovetravel color class (red, yellow, orange, blue, green, violet) to define some elements inside the grid content

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